The videos of our handicraft work, from the workshop
and events

In the workshop of Damien Béal - Crédit Agricole IdF (July 2020)

Meeting with Damien Béal - Valentin Thieres (March 2020)

Ami One Concept - Citroën France (February 2019)

Damien Béal, the leatherworker - Conseil National du Cuir (December 2018)

Damien Béal, craftsman-creator - Oris (September 2018)

Shopping trip to Versailles - Paris Worldwide / Paris Airport (July 2018)

Visit to L.A.Bo - Claude Bigeon (December 2017)

Carpenter and leatherworker - L'Instant V (July 2017)

A singular evening with Damien Béal at L'Atelier Singulier - MANARR (April 2017)

In the intimacy of Damien Béal's art studio - Empreintes (March 2017)

The L.A.Bo by Damien Béal - TV78 (March 2017)

Tété x Damien Béal - Le Petit Reliquaire (December 2016)

Persona Non Grata - Tété (May 2016)

Making of the Ninetta - NKWC and R. Liot (December 2015)