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Everyday objects and materials have always fascinated Damien Béal. Since he was young, he has been diverting and shaping them, giving free rein to his imagination. Then over time, it gives birth to various everyday objects such as furniture, decorative elements or fashion accessories.

His love for creation leads him today to unveil what was surely, without knowing it, one of his first ideas, L’Attache Parisienne.

This stationery accessory, so ordinary at first glance, captivates Damien Béal. It reminds him of his childhood and his first paper montages. The roundness of its domed head, the suppleness of its material, and the brass awaken its creativity. One day, playing with this fastener, the slats bend to fit her finger and thus metamorphose into a ring. L’Attache Parisienne was born. This new creation must respond to the codes of the Damien Béal brand, that is to say, a pure, elegant jewel, bearer of history but also resistant and of high quality.

Several hours of design were necessary to model the ring while being as faithful as possible to the real Parisian clasp. Then, to bring this new project to fruition, Damien Béal met in Paris an artisan jeweler, Samuel Huguenin, as passionate as he is and with sharp know-how. Hand in hand, after many hours of work, they have found the balance to offer a ring with careful finishing, to accompany you in the precious moments of your life.

In order to be as close as possible to the original color of the Parisian fastener, Damien Béal has designed this jewel in gold-plated brass. This alloy combines flexibility and strength. The open ring comes in three sizes to fit everyone. In order to know your size, we invite you to consult our ring gauge.

Each ring, hallmarked and meticulously crafted in the heart of Paris, is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and slipped into a recycled leather case, made by Damien Béal in his leather workshop in Versailles.

If you wish, we can make your ring even more unique by engraving the inside of the ring with the text of your choice (a sweet word, a date, initials…). The engraving being done just for you and before plating the ring to guarantee its longevity, the shipping time can be extended by about ten days.

Special thanks to
Samuel Huguenin
jeweler, jeweller,
Marine Corson
, artistic director,
, photographer,
L'Atelier Digital
Estelle Blayer and Maya Anquetil, hand models,
Sylvie Doagio
jeweler, Sacha Jacob, designer.