The Globetrotter

Leather and wood shoulder bag


Grab your new bag and head out to explore the urban jungle. The latest addition to the Damien Béal leather goods collection turns you into a modern-day explorer. Inspired by the binocular case closure system of yesteryear, its unique and sleek style makes it a masterpiece of your dressing room..

This unisex leather bag offers an ideal size to keep your adventurer’s paraphernalia (notebook, your passport pouch, phone, keys, etc.)
The lid slides over the straps which ensures a secure closure of your bag.

The vegetable-tanned leather will offer an exceptional patina that will appear as you go along.

The Damien Béal logo, hot-stamped in the wood and the 3 blue-white-red stitches certify the authenticity and the French handcrafted production of your bag. The assembly of the wood and leather is done by hand with a saddle stitch. Dated on the day of its completion, your pouch is a unique creation handmade in France, in our Versailles workshop.