Enfants Sauvages x Damien Béal

Illustrated leather and wood backpack - The Wild Porter

Amateur of street art, it is quite naturally that Damien Béal proposed a collaboration to the duo Enfants Sauvages.

Enfants Sauvages was born from the union of the universes of two street artists. On the one hand, there is Monsta whose work describes the child’s imagination with all its contradictions. Whether in drawing, painting, sculpture or installation, dreams and nightmares intermingle. On the other hand, Ms. Terite draws her inspiration mainly from the plant world as well as from childhood and the memories that are linked to it. Mixing drawing, paper cut-outs and installation, the result is sensitive and poetic works where nature plays a large role.

For this first collaboration, the three artists decided to revisit Le Porteur, in a white version to highlight the illustrations. The Porteur Sauvage is the first bag of a limited series in progress.

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