Leather goods

When woodwork invites itself into leather goods, introducing the element of wood into the design of a leather bag
The original combination of wood and leather is a true marriage of sensations for bags that are as pleasant to look at as they are to touch. Much more than a simple ornamentation, it is a real assembly of the two materials that are literally sewn together. The quality of the handcrafted workmanship associated with the use of these two noble materials guarantees resistant bags and accessories that will accompany you over time.

The trademark

The Damien Béal logo, hot-stamped in the wood and the 3 blue-white-red stitches certify the authenticity and the French handcrafted production of your bag.

The assembly of the wood and leather is done by hand with a saddle stitch.

The date of manufacture stamped inside each copy and the patina of time will contribute to the uniqueness of your bag.

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@ Remicito

Blue-white-red saddle stitches

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Hot stamping of the logo

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The workbench in the workshop